X-Out enables organizations to protect arbitrary documents that contain sensitive information. These include documents that do not follow any well-defined structure and are untagged, unlike XML or EDI formats that represent well-defined data.

The masking system intelligently recognizes what qualifies as sensitive information and redacts it based on pre-defined rules. The end-user can view the complete document minus the sensitive information that is masked on the fly before the document is downloaded b y the end user. The system is designed for the business end user and follows an easy natural flow for redaction rules setup. A simple three step wizard based process sets up the document for redaction to the end user:

  1. Securely upload a document to the encrypted storage vault.
  2. Define the user roles that can access the document.
  3. Define the redaction rules that would apply to each of the roles.

As implied above, different set of rules can be setup for different classes of users. A specific role can be setup to view the complete docu ment without any information masking. A second class of users can be authorized to view the document without revealing any sensitive financial data that might exist within. A third class of u sers may view the document with specific people and company names masked out in additional to the financial data. All of this is enabled by defining the business roles and redaction rules for utilizing the pre-defined set of rules provided by the system. The system utilizes an intricate pattern recognition system to locate and process the sensitive information.

X-Out is based on patented technology and is designed by security experts with extensive background in financial, healthcare and insurance space. The platform is available in two different configurations. It can be deployed in-house behind the firewall as a virtual machine. It is also available as a subscription service to a cloud based model that gets an organization up and running in a matter of minutes.

The system currently supports Word, PDF, XLS, PPT, and Text files. Support for additional formats is being added on a regular basis.

X-Out implements a worldclass automated intelligent pattern recognition system capable of handling sensitive documents and information. X-Out helps businesses reduce costs and risk while improving the timely availability of redacted documents. Unlike traditional redaction software solutions, X-Out does not require specialized applications be installed on the user’s desktop to view redacted documents. X-Out provides critical intelligent redaction on demand and automates a broad spectrum of redaction through a simple user interface. The ability to deliver redacted documents quickly and expensively is a significant benefit to all organizations.

X-Out has been tested on a variety of documents and forms and delivers significant performance processing on average one document (6-9 pages) per second. Stress and performance testing was conducted on a variety of documents including PDFs, Microsoft Word and Excel, and Text with up to four different rules being applied on libraries of up to 3,000 documents.