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Redacter Announces Availability of X-Out for Advanced Data Redaction

Tampa, FL– March25, 2014 – Redacter, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent pattern driven redaction software, today announced the availability of its new X-Out product.

News regarding breeches of private information has become a common feature, as have the inevitable lawsuits and investigations. The amount of sensitive information collected stands at an all-time record high and continues to increase as more security, financial, and medical data is accumulated.

X-Out is capable of performing automatic redaction of data far more quickly and accurately then even the best employee. X-Out sanitizes both documents and images, including Word, Excel, PDF, Text as well as PNG, JPG, TIFF. The software automatically detects common information patterns and has the facility to add new patterns as needed. Users can be assigned different views allowing for data to be segmented on an individual basis. Besides offering unprecedented speed, usually less than one second per page, there is online storage integration with options such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and

Basit Hussain, Redacter CTO, states “X-Out represents a new generation of capability to support the security and privacy demands of information today, while providing timely access to individuals that need to have information access.”

About Redacter, Inc.

Redacter, Inc. is a pioneer in security and electronic redaction of information in documents and “on the fly” access.Redacter excels at developing automated intelligent pattern recognition redaction applications that helps businesses reduce costs and risks while improving the timely availability of redacted documents.Our applications allow clients the ability to perform critical intelligent redaction on demand and automate a broad spectrum of redaction.Redacter development is underpinned by patented and patent-pending innovations.

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