About Us

Founded in Tampa Florida, Redacter, Inc. is a premiere supplier of data redaction for on demand redaction of documents and streaming application data. Redacter offers a world-class automated intelligent pattern recognition system capable of handling sensitive documents and information. The products are available to clients through both direct and distributor-based channel sales in packages that allow for simple and fast deployment.

Redacter X-Out helps businesses reduce costs and risk while improving the timely availability of redacted documents.  Unlike traditional redaction software solutions, X-Out does not require specialized applications be installed on the user’s desktopto view redacted documents.  X-Out provides critical intelligent redaction on demand and automates a broad spectrum of redaction through a simple user interface.

Redacter X-Cise provides a powerful and easy way to safeguard applications. It eliminates the cost and administrative burden of implementing security controls into every application with an across-the-board solution that is typically seventy-to-eighty percent cheaper and faster then custom-built solutions. The program provides an innovative approach to building trust and visibility for business and institutional clients. It leverages a patented “stream scan” technology to deliver a robust and holistic method of protection for all applications and is designed for use by corporate security, privacy and risk managers who are balancing information asset protection needs with growth objectives.

Businesses and government agencies face increasing demands for handling sensitive data on an ever-growing amount of documents and files. This poses a challenge in delivering information to a variety of user groups while trying to manage their particular requirements. As a result, organizations face a host of broad and dangerous vulnerabilities that affectmany if not all applications — often without adequate resources to mitigate the risks versus the demands.

Redacter’s X-Out SaaS delivery model enables organizations to ensure the critical data maintained in their IT systems and web applications remainsprivate and in compliance with data protection mandates at all times for a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Redacter’s on-demand solutions can be deployed within hours anywhere around the globe.

Pioneering Redaction

Development research on X-Out and X-Cise began with a small team in Tampa, FL,seeking a way to provide for easier, automatic and more rapid removal of private data from view to unauthorized users while retaining the flexibility to make the information visible across a spectrum of user communities.

In addition to providing the applications to redact the information the team felt it was critical to be able to deploy the technology easily and quickly without the requirement to conduct complex installations and administration.  Redacter holds a patent on its “no-touch Redaction” X-Cise product and has patents pending on the X-Out solution.

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